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What are your best tests at tryouts for goalkeepers.?


Do you prefer to isolate them from the other trialists or do you have them in goals in tryout matches??


Have you a favorite routine you use at a tryout for keepers?


Do you use a set testing criteria especially formatted for goalkeepers at tryouts?


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The short answer is both.

With the ODP GK tryouts we have them isolated for 1/2 the session and on the field half the session for 3 sessions. We will generally mark out the top group in the individual sessions shot stopping crosses and 1v1 mostly. Then follow them to the field to see if they move up or down the list.

Now the long answer is it greatly depends on the age of the GK. The U16 and above the place I get my most information is 7v7 on an open field. Enough people to see his command of the backs, distribution and field support but still a fair number of shots and crosses. I would still shoot on them some myself because I can control the situation and test many aspects of their technique in a short period of time. At least some 11v11.

With the U13 - U15 I am really looking for technique and athleticism. About even crosses/shots/1v1 and 5v5. Some king of the hill.

Below U13 I am looking for athleticism and mental/attitude. By far the most important part is the individual work. Athleticism is obvious. The other things I look for what happens if you knock 3 or 4 in a row on them? How do they respond? How do they react when you correct them? Will they stay with something that is difficult? If I put them in a new drill how quickly do they figure out the keys?

I hate to put these kind of disclaimers on things but: Yes, I divided it into three sections and it is really an even slide. No, I would not take a U18 with poor mental attitude/work ethic or a poor athlete they have mostly weeded themselves out at this level.


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I find isolated drills, especially those not involving defenders, to be of limited value in evaluating goalkeepers. They may have more use with younger keepers, in order to see who has the necessary athleticism, guage handling ability and determine existing technique. But even there, I only spend a short time on these types of exercises.

Examples of this might be: shuffle through cones to make a save, a crossing drill (maybe with one attacker present), or various shot-stopping drills that involve the keeper saving struck balls with no attacking pressure.

My favorite evaluation technique is to use full-size goals and keepers on a pressure-cooker field (about 40x30 yards), with 3v3 or 4v4 in the middle. You will see shot stopping, breakaways, hands, diving technique, and courage, and lots and lots of opportunities for saves. For more info, see this blog entry at my site.

After that, I want to see them in a full-sided game or as close to it as possible, which will allow you to see distribution and overall tactical ability.

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