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What coaching books have you read and would you recommend to any other coach on this forum?

If you have the name and ISBN number it would be great.

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I liked Bill Beswick's 'Focused for Soccer.'
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Coaching Soccer The Offical Coaching Book of the Dutch Soccer Association by Bert Van Lingen

Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer by Alan Hargreaves.

Soccer Coach-L (Good stuff and it's FREE)
Just click here

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For top class professional coaches:

For new head Coaches of a young team:
SKILFUL SOCCER by Peter Treadwell

For Tricks & Moves:

For Fitness:

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Alex - One that I like a lot is Soccer's Dynamic Shortsided Games by Andrew Caruso (Reedswain ISBN: 0-9651020-0-9). It was recommended by Benji (I think) a while back on a previous incarnation of SCN/PvV. Part 1 has various coaches' favorite/most effective shortsided games (from coaches Bruce Arena, Alan Wade, Anson Dorance, and many more).

Are there any books you would recommend in Swedish or other languages?

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My personal top 3 from a library of 50+:

Coaching Soccer - The Official Coaching Book of the Dutch Soccer Assn. by Bert van Lingen

Coaching Women's Soccer : A Revolutionary Approach to Putting Play Back into Practice by Ian Stokell

Certainly there is a general consensus today that lines & static drills are less effective and efficient that conditioned and/or small sided games designed to foster the same sets of skills. Some are absolutely militant about it, others simply agree with the principal to a degree. But no matter where along that spectrum you fall, if agree with that principal to any degree, these books are for you. Both of these books give excellent insight as to how to use the game to teach, how to adjust and condition the games in order to achieve different ends. The first one was included and used as part of our study material for the KNVB clinic I attended a few years back. The second is an excellent variation on the theme, very well presented and fleshed out. Put this information to work for you and your players will actually be playing more during training (which, of course, is what they want to do); and yet you’ll still be not only teaching the things you need to teach (which is what you want to do), but you’ll be teaching it better and more effectively, because they are applying the new skills/tactics under game conditions. I love these books.

Also, one of my all time faves:
Training Soccer Champions by Anson Dorrance.
How old is this book now? 7-8 yeras? Yet it is the one I go back to again and again. Lots of nuts & bolts there, too. The biggest thrust there is the use of the competitive cauldron to foster the competitiveness the game requires. And also excellent insight on how balance creating that fierce competitive nature while at the same time create a strong bond of camaraderie among those very same players who are fighting so hard against one another in training. Excellent.

regards all,


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Coaching Soccer The Offical Coaching Book of the Dutch Soccer Association by Bert Van Lingen is a must read for every youth coach. IMO this is where it all begins.

Most of the books I read are geared to youth soccer. I tend to like books that are easy to read and to the point, yet filled with good information. Some of my favorites are

Developing Youth Soccer Players by Horst Wein provides a great progressive training model for those coaching through U14. Really good stuff IMO.

Total Training for Young Champions by Tudor Bompa which is focused on all sports, but gives great info regarding physical and mental development of children and how it relates to different sports including soccer. Another must read for youth soccer coaches.

Soccer Secrets to Success by Laureano Ruiz which I like better than his other book The Spanish Soccer Coaching Bible, Volume 1, Youth & Club, but that could be because I read Secrets first and the Bible was repetitive of what was in Secrets. Secrets covers youth through professional, but based on Ruiz experience some of the world's best at the youth level. A lot of good ancedotes that I think can be applied to all levels of youth players.

Coaching Women's Soccer by Ian Stokell. Much of this book can be applied to young players of both sexes and although it may be regarded as pretty basic stuff for more experienced coaches, I still think the message Stokell gives is worth the $12 price tag.

Sports Slump Busting, 10 Steps to Mental Toughness and Peak Performance by Alan Goldberg. This is one of my favorites whether you are a coach or a player and whether dealing with a slumping athlete or not. Lots of good info in this book.

Coaching Youth Soccer, The European Model by Kevin McShane. This is the most expensive of the books I recommend, but a good book for American youth coaches because it present a different perspective then what many are use to. The chapters noting the problems in the US and the European recommendations for changing our system are particularly interesting.

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wow, we are finding more and more old posters. welcome knut and bird!

Good list started. I like Coaching the Italian 4-4-2 for those looking to really learn zonal defending. It deals specifically with a 4-4-2, flat in the back flat in midfield. However, the ideas behind it all, as well the games and activities used to teach it are easily transferred to any system of play. There is also an accompanying video.

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No, Aunt Em -- this was a real, truly live place. And I remember that some of it wasn't very nice.... But it wasn't a dream -- it was a place. And you -- and you -- and you -- and you were there.

hee hee

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holy s***!!!! kenny knuckles!!!!!!!!!

calm down eric.....

it could be a dream.....


take the medication....

its just like the old days

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Get the glasses out...........the party's begun......Forum reunion

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It ain't a forum until kenny shows up.

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The Principles of Brazilian Soccer by Jose Thadeu Goncalves

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The books listed below are exceptional and should be mandatory reading material for coaches and the serious player.

The Vision of a Champion: Advice and Inspiration from the World's Most Successful Women's Soccer Coach
by Dorrance, Anson, and Hamm, Mia

The Champion Within: Training for Excellence
by Lauren Gregg

Playing Out of Your Mind
by Dr. Alan Goldberg

Team Building - The Road to Success
by Rinus Michels

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[I]The Art of Soccer[/B], by Mark Catlin. Should be in every coach's (and older player's) shelf (or hands).
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There are several universal coaching books I would recommend.

Positive Coaching by Jim Thompson. Building character and self-esteem through sports.

Coaching and Motivation by William Warren. A practical guide to maximum athletic performance.

Successful Coaching by Martins. This was our text book for a required high school coaching license in my state. A key theme was "athlete first, winning second." Chapter headings--Developing a Coaching Philosophy; Sport Psychology; Sport Pedagogy; Sport Physiology; Sport Management

The Art of War by Sun Tzu (edited by James Clavell); perhaps my favorite translation was The Art of Strategy. This is not a coaching book, but I found that a lot of sport related things map back to teachings of this book.

Coach. A collection of comments on many subjects from a plethora coaches in many sports, from youth coaches to professional coaches. It took me 3 years to read it, solely on plane flights to the NSCAA convention.

As for Soccer Specific, I agree with Bob on The Art of Soccer (how could I not) and Zone Play by Pereni and Di Cesare

Last but not least, have a good source (book, magazine, internet) for jokes to use at the end of practice.



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I got a lot out of Jens Bangsbo and Birger Peitersen, "Defensive soccer Tactics." Better than their first book (about team tactics).

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I also recommend Thompson's book Positive Coaching, and he has two more: Shooting in the Dark: Tales of Coaching and Leadership, where he describes his experiences coaching a Jr. High girls basketball team for two seasons, and his latest, The Double-Goal Coach, which is more formally based off of the concepts developed by the Positive Coaching Alliance.

A recent book I also like very much is Wayne Harrison's Recognizing the Moment to Play, available from Reedswain.

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Youth Soccer Coaching ISBN 0706375785 £13 written by Tony Carr.

Useful for any coach dealing with young footballers from schoolboy to young professional level.

101 Youth Soccer Drills age 12-16 ISBN 0713651547 £10written by Malcom Cook.

Clear drills that are easy to progress. Great for the new coach as well as the more experienced.

Coaching Youth Soccer ISBN 0736037187 $15(American Sport Education Program)

Great for new coaches and for those coaches the younger generation 8-14yrs. But i found that this book was pointing more to the ages 5-10. A complete book covering planning, practice, communication, parents and coaching during games.

Coaching Team Shape ISBN 189094638 $13 written by Emilio Cecchini.

A great book that starts with how to shape 3 players all the way up to the whole team. (triangle formations)

All of these books are now endorsed by the FA youth section.

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The Double-Goal Coach, by Jim Thompson was very good, so I'll have to look into his other books some of you recommended.
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