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Pretty much a do-or-die game after losing in such uninspired fashion to Costa Rica last week.
If we fail to qualify for this WC, what are the repercussions?
Arena will obviously be fired, but then what?
Years ago, Anson Dorrance made the suggestion that any time a coach got fired, the administrator that hired them should be fired as well.
Does the hierarchy at US soccer bear some responsibility as well?

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Costa Rica was a better coached team that defended as a unit.  The US could not hold the ball when pressured.   Our games is not very good so it is not good to watch.  I think the score was a fair result with loss 2-0 at home.   The stadium and ref were like a home game for Costa Rica playing in the US.  Obviously, not much base fan support.

I did not see Honduras game.  It really was not on TV for american fans so that says something about US mens program.  We did come back to tie the game.  Not seeing the game, I can not offer feed back about the team.

I think US admin (gulati?) should already be gone.   I was once crazy in love with US men's game, but Klinsmann killed it.   Basically US soccer does not care so why should we as fans.  Then our coach and players like Bradley add their liberal, political crap to make excuses for their failure to perform.  It is sad that these are the players we have to represent our country.   Maybe we fire the men's coach and have the women's coach take over.  She might have more balls.  Let her run the admin role as well.  At least it would cut out some $.

Still, Bruce has gotten better results.  I would not throw him under the bus over 1-2 games.  I still think we got a team too full of metrosexuals to ever compete for a World Cup.   We need players that live and breath the game and the jersey and then maybe fans can get excited.

Hey lets schedule another gay pride game with rainbow jerseys.... Maybe that will inspire these guys and their coach.

we will likely get into World Cup because of money.  They want the TV dollars from a big country to be in the game.    We did miss last 2 olympics, but I think Fifa like money.

US is bidding to host it again to.

[definition metrosexual: 
  1. a young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste.]
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