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Thought of the Day :

Parents are paying a lot of money these days for their children to play youth sports.

Children are supposed to be playing sports to have fun, and IF they can perform higher skills and qualities at an older age, they may have a chance to use those talents to better themselves and receive higher educations.

If we are using sports collectively to teach players “lessons of life”, notably perseverance, hard work, commitment, all of those positive values that lead children to understand how “things work” later in life, can you say that’s what situation you and/or your child are in right now?

We can agree that there are correlations to the balance of learning and teaching as we go along.

But is this what we are really doing ? A Vast majority of sports clubs are built to sustain only by acquiring the masses and “lying” to them for long enough to squeeze more than enough money from them, and when they are done with you and your child, where are you left to go? What are you left to do in the end ?



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See this:

"Winning is important. The lessons learned by winning and losing in sports last a lifetime. However, the goal of every youth coach should be to help young soccer players understand and enjoy the process of participation and to teach the skill necessary to succeed. When the pressure to win begins too early, the passion and the love for the game can be lost." - Jay Martin, editor, NSCAA Soccer Journal

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Penn so true in every sport. Teams used to be sponsored by the local bar, variety store, car dealer or what ever. Of course sports used to have seasons and not be year round.

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I'm all about the teaching the life lessons through sport. I even try to embed it into my session plans—it's not easy. Yes, these lessons can be learned indirectly just by being in the sport being part of a team but I think it's more effective to just be direct.

I like to believe my club is big and we don't lie to parents about our end goals. I believe several of our coaches have the correct mindset but I know not all do. OR at least feel pressure to be something else. I do feel that no one flat out lies to the parents about who we are. 

And really apart from maybe one glaring example, locally in our pay 2 play clubs generally seem to be good actors. 
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