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I recently watched a boys high school game between an urban school team and my kid's suburban school. The predominate languages on the urban side were Creole and Jamaican patois  and the suburban side's was Spanish.

The players on both sides were very skilled individually,but the coaching was a definite difference. The suburban school mercy ruled the urban school. It was a clinic in Argentine possesion soccer.


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Originally Posted by MikeS
The suburban school mercy ruled the urban school.

The suburban schools are consistently more successful in Illinois, too, and for the same reason -- organization & coaching, not necessarily ball skills or athleticism.


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Originally Posted by GHMANEGER



I mean I am better striker than crouch today and I don't need to practice that much to be better than him. Only in england he Can play as he does.


May I represent you in negotiations with Liverpool? I'll work for only $200,000 plus 10% of your cumulative salary.


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I started this thread 5 years ago and my daughter has been working with the trainer all these years.  This was the trainer that made sure she was seen by an ortho during her recent knee injury.  He started his own gym about 2 or 3 years ago and the business has been growing, as has his fans, as more and more discovered the gym.  He has been a good friend, a great motivator and mentor to my daughter and all the other kids (hundreds if not thousands) that he has worked with. But this morning we got the worse possible news you can possibly recieve.  Our friend has passed away at age 35 leaving a wife and 2 little boys who he loved dearly.  My heart is breaking for his family for what is proving to be a senseless death.  We have lost someone who meant an awful lot to a lot of people and it is a tragic loss especially for all the kids who looked up to him.

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