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Watched a replay of Atlanta vs Columbus MLS playoff shootout from the other night.  There were over 60K in the crowd and loser was eliminated from the playoffs.

As a spectator it seemed as if players where making mistakes, but I think it was more that players were making good plays.  Most kickers had a strategy that they were trying to execute.

It is interesting watching how the keepers seem to be reading the kickers approach.  At keeper courses, one of the principals is the react not to anticipate.  For the most part, the keepers did a good job of not taking the bait with the vary of pace on the run ups.

There were penalties where the kicker tries to go to one side and fake the other or vary the pace of his run to throw off the keeper.

One where he sells to the side and places it down the center.

Some taken with pace.  You see the keeper getting forward decisively to power into his dive.

One with a short run up.

Lots of shots hitting posts and crossbars this game.   

Try to ignore twellman, he must be unaware that the keeper tries to come forward to cut the angle.  

The final goal looks like he was selling show with his laces and then hit it straight with his instep?

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