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I wonder if any of you have recorded your entire sessions either by video or tape recorder and then used a transcript to assess what language you used, how players verbally reacted etc.????.

It seems that we rely on our memories too much when this type of recording can show clearly what has or hasnt occured. Now before we get into the Child Protection argument, I am NOT suggesting videoing the PLAYERS, I mean getting someone to video YOU, for YOU to assess yourself.

I have tried tape recording in the past. especially in the early days, and I was amazed at :
1) How much I had forgotten I actually said AND what was said in replies
2) How haphazard my coaching was when I thought I was being organised
3) How quickly I forgot the lessons and coaching points that came out in the session.

I know most of you write down every session as I do and analyse each and every session as to the outcome of the coaching as it applied to both the player AND yourselves, but it doesnt create the same ambiance that may have been present, or any quick remarks from players in their reactions to whatever you were trying to coach.

So, what do you do to record your sessions?

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I don't do that, but I take a lot of notes at sessions because I have a really bad memory. But never worried about what I said to a player. Maybe I should have worried more about it. I like to put a certain amount of pressure on a player in practice I find it works with most depending on the level of pressure used.

I do have some bad memories of things that slipped out of my mouth to a player (adult player) that I should never had said.

Well, you learn from that as well.

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This is somthing that that I am going to be getting into in 2015, also using a voice recorder to pick up on the things I am saying to players and the information I am giving them.

I think this will be a great way to improve from watching and listening to your self coach, however the beginning will be tough I am sure I will have to go through a process of looking and sounding terrible. I am sure this is also a very fast way to improve and get yourself on the right path with the help of other coaches giving honest feedback on your work.

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