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My assistant coach was in charge of clean-up and couldn't figure out how to fold up the team Pugg goals, so he mashed them into the back of his Jeep and dropped them off at my house.  Problem is, now they're warped and I can't even get them to fold properly.  Has anyone had this problem and found a way to fix it?


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Yes. Tell the assistant coach to fix his mess or replace the goals


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Hehe, I am sure many of you, like myself, have repeatedly had to yell across the field at the end of a practice to a well meaning parent or assistant coach "Leave the goal alone, I'll get it" all the while cringing as they are trying to force the goal to fold


Anybody of you coach baseball also? Ever tried to fold on of those Jugs Instant Screens? Talking about fun....


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Actually fixed one when this happened.  It involved finding where the ends of the plastic were joined together (you can feel it inside the fabric sleeve), separating the ends, pulling the rod out of the fabric sleeve, reinserting it.  Can't remember whether wee rejoined the ends of the rod or let it go.

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One of mine got tweaked and never sat right on the ground, nor folded properly when putting it away.  I just pulled them out and popped them up on the living room floor.  Fought with the one for about five minutes; bending pressing, folding.  The last thing worked....of course.  How it always works.  Here is what I did.  I opned it up, and folded the back to the front, and held it there for a few minutes, crawling from side to side and putting some heavy pressure on each end; curved part...too much pressure and I over corrected it the other way.  Try this and smash it like a sandwich.  It worked for me....

Good luck.
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