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How do you coaches feel about parent input?  I come across parents that can't help but give unsolicited input, almost seems as they want to take over the team.  

Also have a few that try to recruit players behind the scene, rallying the troops so when it doesnt work out they hope to make a bigger impact by taking away kids.  

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What does the club have to say about it? Ours frowns on recruiting away players, and will (and has) kick families out of the club for that. Don't want to play here? Fine. But don't ask others to join you.

As a coach, I make it clear at my preseason meeting that I make all soccer decisions, and that's final. If a parent did approach me (which hasn't really happened due to those expectations), I would say two things. One, if it involves anyone else's kid, I say I will only discuss your child's situation, and anything that impacts other players or the team as a whole isn't their concern. Two, if it's about tactics/strategy etc., I'll tell them that I have a plan laid out and I'm going with that, thank you very much for your concern. Be clear, and be firm.

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Like Benji said, you need to be specific about parental input.  If it seems that they want to take over the team, or try and leverage their hand by holding sway over players, you're better off without them.  
I generally find that you come across this behavior more at the younger ages, before people start to figure out the scene.  At u-littles, it's generally thought that anyone can coach, but once you start getting up there, people start to realize that the game is more complex than it appears from the sideline.

One thing to bear in mind is that each parent has the same goal in mind: they want what they consider to be the best experience for their child.  And their vision and yours might not necessarily match up.

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