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Has anyone taken the NSCAA goalkeeping courses? I am considering taking the level 1 course in a couple of weeks and am wondering what I should expect.

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I took the NSCAA Goalkeeping course several years ago.
Level 1 will go over the basics. It will give you enough to work with keepers with 0 to 3 years experience. At that time GK1 focused on the individual as opposed the GK2 how the GK integrates with the team.

Our course was highly participatory, so wear a long sleeve shirt and warm-up pants.


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I took the NSCAA/USSF combined Level 1 GK Course (yes, they actually worked TOGETHER) a few years ago. It was an excellent course, with top-notch instructors. We had college and HS age keepers present as cannon-fodder, and about 8 college field players hanging out for exercises involving the team. It was a great primer. Nothing really earth-shatteringly new, but it would provide a solid foundation for most coaches who have no formal background in Keeper training.
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When I took the course at the convention it also made a point about showing drills that involved the whole team and not just the keeper. It was worth the time.

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I can also recommend the NSCAA goalkeeping program. The stuff they teach is sound, and a great step towards educating the non-goalkeeper coach about the position. The Level II used to be a longer course when I took it (12 hours over two days), so I'm a bit dissapointed they took some stuff out, but still very valuable for integrating the goalkeeper with the team.
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The London FA Goalkeeping Licence is a great course.

It has roughly 16 elements which go from the basics to the more advanced areas:
* Session Structure
* Ball Familiarity
* Talent Identification
* Warm-Ups /Match day warm-ups
* The Basics (head,feet,hands)
* Shot stopping ( Diving,Collapse dive, Power Step dive)
* Positioning ( into line, down the line, narrowing the angle)
* 1v1 situations (through balls)
* High Crosses (Catching, punching,tipping over)
* Distribution ( Throws, Kicks out of hands/on floor)
* Back Pass
* Supporting the Defence
* Set Pieces ( Corners, Free Kicks)
* Penalty Kicks
* Fitness Training ( Endurance, Speed, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Reactions, Workout)
* Program for Development

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That course sounds great. Have you taken it? Where can I find more info on it?

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Will the NSCAA frown if I take the Level 1 and Level 2 GK course back to back?  There is no guideline saying there's a wait period. Coached club and HS for 12 years, USSF B etc but due to various staffing and perf issues I'd like to brush up on my specific gk coaching skill set as there's a good chance we could lose a specialist. I want to pack in as many hours of gk education as I figure the more I learn the better.  I'm still in decent shape still so am not concerned about the physical toll.

Please let me know as I have only done one course with the NSCAA before so am not sure how they'd react to this.

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It would be better if you made a new thread in the other forum. No one really checks this forum anymore.

A lot of places will do the I & II in the same weekend so no, it isn't a problem for the GK diploma at all.

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Thanks and good advice. Seems to make sense all round. 

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Sorry for bumping an old thread...just saw this one.

I've taken levels 1 (state), 2 (regional) and 3 (National) for the NSCAA GK Diploma.  All around they were quite good courses.

To answer the question of back to back, no they don't care.  I took L1 and 2 in the same weekend (as they are usually offered) and the L3 the following weekend.

I've been looking at the more advanced ones like the NSCAA Advanced GK, USSF GK license, and the UK based ones.  They all require 'field coach' certifications like a B license before you can go (I'm actively working on mine now).  There are several different GK diploma's in the UK (Irish FA, FAI, The FA, Welsh FA, etc) if you're up for touring around a little.

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I'm taking the GK 1 course in December.  Hopefully it'll be worth the time. 
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