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This year, based on the membership vote at the Annual General Meeting last November, there is a statewide 8-day waiting period from the first possible day of tryouts until a club can require a commitment from a family and be bound to that club for the year. The rationale is to give families a chance to explore options and participate in multiple tryouts before being pressured by a club to commit to a roster spot.

• U9–U11 players (2007 birth year and younger): tryouts can begin on July 12 and the first day these players can be bound to a club is July 20.

• U12 and older players (2006 birth year and older): tryouts can begin on July 30 and the first day these players can be bound to a club is August 7.


 I think it’s a great idea as in my area many clubs have tryouts in early spring for the following fall season...state cups have just started when many of these tryouts are going on. I also like the fact that tryouts don't start til July, when the season is completed. 


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Step in the right direction and I believe this will help everyone make better decisions without the unneeded pressure to sign on day 1.  I think the next step is to release all players after the last season game, everyone becomes a free agent who is free to practice and play in any tournament with teams that will accommodate them.

The game needs to shift to the needs of the players and not making money for coaches and clubs.   
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