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Of the more expereinced coaches among us, how many of you have experience of mentoring a fledging coach through their early days?.

I have had the satisfaction of guiding lots of new coaches in their beginnings and it certainly helped me become a better people person and develop my communication skills.
In remembereing how I felt whe first starting out, I could empathises with the problems and stresses these new coaches were experiencing and what, to experienced coaches, were deemed a minor problem, to a new coach seemed impossible.

Also, new coaches have adjustments to make in their stlye of coaching and their communication abilities, which is something a lot of new coaches are not familiar with when they first venture out on their own.

Basically what I do is 'tutor' a maximum of 3 coaches at a time and review how they are coaching now, to where they would like to go. Mentoring is not necessarily 'educating'. The coaches often explain that they feel intimidated by an experienced coach which makes them nervous in their presence and therefore any 'naturalness' they may have is not displayed for them to see.By mentoring, you can be an expert on tap when and if needed. In that way the coach retains control of their actions which is vital to thei chances of progressing in the sport.

As an experienced coach it is up to the 'mentor' to enable these coaches to acquire the necessary confidence and knowledge needed to be themselves to impart this knowledge to the best of their ability to the players they coach.

After 6 weeks, I review the coaches by givng them randomly selected scenarios which they then instantly have to try and adapt to. The true coach is one who doesnt lose it when faced with a problem - its the one who can adapt by using their experience to date and is confident despite not being totally in control.

Now I NEVER judge these coaches, I just guide them along the road a little until they feel able to venture on their own and then my job is done for that particular coach although I hope to have acquired a new coaching colleague as a result. Also, I have an open mind to the different ideas that these new coaches bring to coaching and the transference of ideas is a powerful motivation for me to carry on with this.

Have any of you been a mentor to new coaches??

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I always had a lot of coaches watching our teams games and our practices. I think that is mentoring.
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I've mentored a former player the last year and a half and I will be mentoring a current player that is out with a torned ACL for the 2004 season.

Several of my current players are coaches as well and have been using my techniques and approaches for their teams.

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First of all I would never qualify myself as an "experienced coach", and I never used any kind of formal sessions such as you describe, but I have mentored several newer coaches that surpassed me by far, and I do feel good about that! My method is simply encouraging, giving resources, probelm-solving & trouble-shooting, and just in general being a fellow fanatic support system.

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So Kev when do we start. I am ready for my program. Let's see what you can do with me.
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