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Read this post on another forum and thought to share it here:


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I've been thinking about this.  I've been trying to look at it with global lenses, by that I mean, I dont care what it says about the USSF or their running list of failures on such topics.  But this type of occurrence is more common than we think right?

A few of the examples that come to my mind right away are the US's own poachings of guys like Brooks, Chandler, etc.  Mexico did the same with Zinha, even though he was a bit older.  Didnt Germany have some of the same issues with Podolski and a few others?  

Again, some of the names I listed were probably older than Gonzalez is now, but they still chose to play for one country over another.  Its just another part of the global system, one side might gain and the other unfortunately might end up losing.  


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You see this happen with some players who figure they're never going to make the national team of the country they are from, so they play for another country if they can manage it.
Or if they have a choice between two countries, they choose the one that they think offers them a better chance.
Players do it all the time at club level, international soccer just requires you to jump through a few more hoops.

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