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I am along time youth coach whose gone through the licensing programs. I took three years off club soccer to coach recreation.  Now when I return I find that I am assisting a nice fellow who played in college, took the basic license. Unfortunately it is the case I have found in the past that the assumption is if the person has played soccer at a high level he can coach it. Wrong!!

At the end of last session he criticized the 8 year- olds for not paying attention and said that is why they are getting creamed in games.  Plus, the last two practices there was just play 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 without any topic or demo at any time. Both practices basically the same.  Ouch!

A knowledgeable coach could stop the immediate hemorrhaging with this team with just two suggestions. Of course, it will take a season to get them back into being competitive. If he can improve his instruction they players will do better and he will have less stress (parents expect some winning). 

I will gradually move in and assist the players by demo-ing and give a tip to the coach now and then. (Of course, one just can not walk in to a new program and tell them what to do, of course) However in the meantime I think I will try to set up a blog to assist those who want help. 

I am trying this site too since it says 17 people are now looking at it so they may be coaches  who need help or ideas and are willing to ask. 

Frank Potter

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"Winning is important. The lessons learned by winning and losing in sports last a lifetime. However, the goal of every youth coach should be to help young soccer players understand and enjoy the process of participation and to teach the skill necessary to succeed. When the pressure to win begins too early, the passion and the love for the game can be lost." - Jay Martin, editor, NSCAA Soccer Journal
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