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The girls have been working really hard lately, practice attendance has been outstanding, and they have really been improving. Yesterday we played a team two years older that we lost to about a month ago. I made an agreement with them that if they won by at least 4, at the next practice we would have a "fun night". They went crazy, played the best game of the year so far, and won 5-1. [smile]

So, looking for some new ideas on fun/crazy games for MS/HS age girls. Any suggestions?


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Our girls get a kick out of playing kickball against the softball team.  They also enjoy the games they played as u-littles, sharks and minnows and the like.
Trips for ice cream are also very popular.

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Bingo on Sharks and Minnows, Paulee.  Older kids love to have the chance to revisit the past.

Does the team have a practice uniform?  Perhaps they can earn a "Freaky Friday."

And search the archives here for Coach Kev's "Outrageous Soccer" posts.

"Winning is important. The lessons learned by winning and losing in sports last a lifetime. However, the goal of every youth coach should be to help young soccer players understand and enjoy the process of participation and to teach the skill necessary to succeed. When the pressure to win begins too early, the passion and the love for the game can be lost." - Jay Martin, editor, NSCAA Soccer Journal

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I agree with some throw backs to the u-little days.. here is one that I find the older kids still love playing

"Doctor, Doctor"
2 teams – all players have a ball except the team’s doctor (1 doctor on each team) – need pinnies to distinguish teams.

Doctor is in a safe area (3x3; use cones) – a “base”.  Each team has its own base inside the larger playing area (use cones to map out the playing area).  Only the team’s doctor is allowed in the base. 

Players dribble and freeze players on the opposing team by hitting them on or below the knees with a ball.  First team to freeze all of their opponents wins. Players are also frozen if they dribble their ball out of bounds.

Frozen players sit on their ball inside the playing area and yell “Doctor, Doctor”.  The team doctor runs out of the base and frees his teammates by giving them a high five.  If the doctor gets frozen before returning to base, he’s "dead" and none of his frozen teammates can be freed.  A team in this situation is usually screwed – for lack of a better word.

Variation:  Remove the base so that the doctor is always vulnerable.

Repeat with new doctors.

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I'm not sure about girls this age.   I once had a U12 boys team where I had soccer tennis for 30 minutes before practice every friday night.  They grew to love soccer tennis, but it took a couple weeks before they got hooked.  I started with one bounce between juggles to keep the ball alive.   We set up different stations mostly singles or doubles and winners stay, losers rotate.

At some ages for girls, getting to play a boys team is the reward.
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