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Originally Posted by thoughtsoc

It's very different when your team has possession rather than the other team.  No need for the two defenders in the back to be flat at that point, and it violates the principle of effective positioning to provide support (impressive knowledge from my D course).


Why have two defenders level with each other in the back?  Why create a two-player offside line?  If one hangs back significantly behind the other, open space becomes available behind the other.  And it's more difficult for the two of them to pull forward in unison in order to place an opponent in an offside position.  Your point would perhaps be that if one hangs back behind the other, only he has to pull forward to create an offsides trap.  If that's what you're saying, I'm cool with that idea also.  Just not my way of doing things.

offesively we may get to players flat if one of them has the ball, or the player in the back is anticipating a field change.


More space is covered by staggering players, and the players should find V shapes, not I shaped... implying if one defender is directly behind the other, there is a breakdown.


as I was asking- this was my interpretation of the Italion 4-4-2 zonal defense.  Someone fmaliar with the sysytem is requested to suggest how "off" I am.



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this whole thread was pretty much a waste of my time and braincells except Doublerunners post and example of the 1-2-1-2 formation. thanks guys. Can't we all just get along??

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