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They have this kind of surgery out there.

I understand there is limitations to it.

In the news they were saying caterac operations if that is how you spell it make ones vision perfect both near and far sighted permently.

I mention this only because someone told me 5 yrs ago or less they new someone who was legally blind catheracs since the 1940's.

He had an operation all of a sudden he has perfect vision and not only that his perifial vision is far better then the average person.

At the time that caught my attention you can see more of the field without having to turn the head as much. Nice for asoccer I am thinking. Any way never looked into it.

So now they are thinking of doing the operation on anyone not just for cateracts.

Makes the vision better so if you wear glasses you don't need contacts to play anymore. But, they did not mention the improvement on pherifial vision. If you have that improvement maybe you want the operation just for that if your a player expecially if you happen to wear glasses forget contacts.

Any one hear about this?

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Yeah, it's laser surgury for your eyes.  Somehow they reshape the lens of your eye to fit the shape of your eyeball.  Ask your optomitrist about it.


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I know about that kind this is different.
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yeah, I had Lasik surgery about 8 years ago, and it has been wonderful. My vision was about 20/500, and now is 20/25-30. It is good enough to see well without glasses, and everyday life, including using the computer, I do not need to wear glasses.

This is different than surgery for cataracts. I am not sure what they do for those, but it would be wonderful to see treatment for other eye problems.  I have a relative with macular degeneration and cataracts, and this person has no really functional vision.

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What he's talking about isn't a LASIK, but a new artificial lense for catarect patients.  An added bonus is losing the old age disease where the stiffer lense in your eye can't handle new and far, so you need reading glasses or bi-focals.


Dr. Dell, brother or Dell the computer guy, was part of the trial (as a surgeon, not a patient).


Opthomologist discourage this implant for the sake pure regaining vision that lenses would correct.  But if you are going to have cataract surgery, why not if you have the money.  Until very recently Medicare wouldn't cover this at all.  Now Medicare will give the money it would pay for basic cataract surgery, and the patient makes up the difference.


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I suffered for almost 16 years of my life having a hard time to see and wearing those thick glasses that made me like a 50 years old loser. I had my astigmatism when I was young (back in my adolescent’s stage) then last year I decided to be free, free from glasses and contacts that’s been part of me for almost 16 years. Im sick and tired of having a limitation in all things that I do, especially with my favorite sports and doing some stuff, my Astigmatism was really a hindrance to me not only in my passion but in my work, So last year as a thanks giving gift to myself I fly to Kansas to have a Lasik exam in my2020 to determine if im a good candidate and fortunately I was. Right now I can say that im in the process of healing the side effects of it (and its normal) and I feel good and great about myself not wearing those contacts and glasses anymore. Its nice to live like a normal being.


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Up to the age of 9 I could barely see the ball if it was flying right at my face if I wasn't wearing glasses but I had a lense tramsplant now my vision is 20/20 and I can see everything. Only 16 now.

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