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1- How much does parents lack of understanding of the game play into the development of individuals and the overall state of soccer in America?
2- Does lack of parent understanding inhibit you in any way?
3- Does not knowing what to look for on the parents end let clubs slide by?


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1.Where I am, in a small community in north central Ohio, yes! Parents seem to look at soccer as a secondary sport of little importance. Something just to keep their kids busy between Football/Cross country/Volleyball. As a result, they just yell at everything from the sidelines. having no real concept of how the game is played, or what constitutes a penalty. Let alone where players should be on the field at any given time. Ultimately they get tired of being grilled about why they didn't do this or that, and move on to more "American" sports that parents understand.

2.Absolutely. As stated above, it is viewed as a secondary sport. The parents seem to think that practice is not as important as other sports so they wont think twice about keeping the child home from practice or a game. This makes it difficult to develop a player as an individual, and a member of the team.

3. Follow the money. Clubs around here don't just chase the talent. they chase the people with money even if that particular child will watch from the sidelines most of the time. Parents will buy whatever line they are fed, and cough up the money. I think its the whole " Its expensive, so it must be good "mentality.

FWIW Just from my local observations.
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