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Good day to all! 

I am looking for some advice on coaching my 12 year old player. He has been playing for about four years now and has come along pretty well. His ball handling skills are good but not great and he has a nice shot. The problem I have is over the last year he has gained some weight and everything he does has slowed down. I'm thinking that he is in an "awkward growing stage" after discussing his outside activities and diet with his parents and this is contributing to his weight gain. (I could be wrong confused [wink]

He is getting into the habit of slowing down the press when challenged and trying to beat the defender with a move or fake and is often getting stuck because his speed has slowed. Any advice to break this bad habit?

I posted this on the old World Class Coaching Forum and got 1 reply. Hoping for better results here.[smile]

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First thing I would suggest is that you engage him in the process, talk to him and see if he has noticed his lack of success 1 on 1.  Then add to his skill set.  Learn to pass in these situations, if appropriate.  Then when he comes out of the awkward stage, he has another tool in his toolbox.
It's quite possible that he's about to go through a growth spurt, if you say that his outside activities and diet aren't a factor.

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Please work on his touch.
You CANNOT fight nature. If his attitude is right, then just sit down with him and explain that its not that he's slowed down, its that opponents are putting in the same effort HE did and now they are just as fast so we have to find a way to keep on top.
Then introduce CHALLENGE, COMPETITION & CONSISTENCY into his personal AND team sessions

He has to develop an attitude of "If I cant do this then I'll do that"

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